Leonie trained and worked as a theatre designer which has given her the skills to design anything from the size of a tea cup to an entire exhibition hall. Having had the pleasure of working across a broad range of fields including television, film, theatre, events and public art has contributed to the way that Leonie can objectively look at design.

For Leonie the sense of scale within a space is important and how people interact with it. Designing with longevity and quality materials that are eco friendly are essential to our modern life. The furniture and objects are paramount to the space, they reflect day to day life and the people who inhabit it in a domestic or commercial setting. Beauty and simplicity are important yet the practicality and function of a space and the objects create the mood. Allowing one to move easily through a space and easily interact with what it contains, is what Leonie would call a successful design.

Leonie is currently focusing on product design.

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